diverse. inclusive, real.

Based in Arizona, Willow Scott Agency represents models who are unique and beautiful. Our models are transgender, petite, plus, tattooed, pierced, and LGBTQ+.


We truly believe that representation matters and that beauty is everywhere. We hope that through positive representation we can help start a change of perception in fashion, marketing and advertising.  

meet the founder

Hello, My name is Jenni Walter and I created the Willow Scott Agency because I knew that I could do better. 


In 2018, I started a fashion brand that created elegant clothing for transgender business women. The pandemic made it so that the brand had to be put on hold for the foreseeable future. I had already seen a gap in the market for transgender women as far as fashion and my brand models had told me examples of how they were not treated well on set. So, I thought I'd create an agency devoted to inclusion and acceptance, and Willow Scott was born.

Since then, we've connected with a group of talented models who are as talented as they are accepting and kindhearted. I couldn't be more thankful to represent this group of people.

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